Faith Cole is a native Guyanese who migrated to the United States of America in 2002. After years of working as a Caregiver, both privately and in Nursing Homes across New York and New Jersey, Faith grew to love the Nursing field and through this love, the dream of owning her own agency was conceived. Whilst the dream was not birthed immediately, it did not die. In March 2018, Alayia Helping Hands Home Care Agency was born. 

“A Trusted Agency”, the tagline against which she built her company, Faith believes that the services offered to her clients should be grounded enough to build trust between herself, her clients and their families, as also the medical practitioners and aides who offers care. Faith is conscientious, deadline-oriented, hardworking and committed; a strong Christian woman and dedicated philanthropist with a natural love for humanity. These attributes are reflected in the services offered through her company and are foundational values on which Alayia Helping Hands Home Care Agency is built. 

Faith is a divorced mother of three children, Anthonio, Asha and Alayia. She continues to stride in developing herself and her children whist building her company. Her dream continues; it is her ambition to establish areas within her company which specifically cater to single and homeless women needing assistance in restructuring themselves and building their families.